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Most recent Articles
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A Locally Linear Transformations Based Forecasting Model For Dynamic State Systems [Engineering]
Bagadi, R. (25th Jun 2016).

Sequences OF Primes Generation Using Relative Metric (Near End Ascending, Descending, Far End Ascending, Descending) With f=1 [Mathematics]
Bagadi, R. (24th Jun 2016).

A Check For Primality Of Any Positive Integer [Mathematics]
Bagadi, R. (24th Jun 2016).

Proof Of As To Why The Euclidean Inner Product Is A Good Measure Of Similarity Of Two Vectors [Mathematics]
Bagadi, R. (22nd Jun 2016).

Holistic Complete Determinants [Mathematics]
Bagadi, R. (22nd Jun 2016).

The Fractional Derivative, The Fractional Integral, The Functional Derivative And The Functional Integral [Mathematics]
Bagadi, R. (22nd Jun 2016).

A Novel Bracket And Wave Equation Of A Photon [Physics]
Bagadi, R. (21st Jun 2016).

Field(s) Of Sequence(s) Of Primes Of Positive Integral Higher Order Space(s) [Mathematics]
Bagadi, R. (20th Jun 2016).

Most recent Observations
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Gravity is the Friction of Time [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (14th Jun 2016).

Morphogenesis [Biological sciences]
Berman, B. (19th May 2016).

Modern Physics Handed Down From the Concept of Error and Distortion of Newtonian Mechanics [Physics]
Kim, Y. (4th May 2016).

Error in special theory of relativity and an alternative [Physics]
Kim, Y. (4th May 2016).

Radius of the Universe - another method of determination [Astronomy & cosmology]
Berman, B. (8th Mar 2016).

Time has two or more dimensions [Physics]
Berman, B. (20th Feb 2016).

The dual nature of electromagnetism, Part 2 [Physics]
Berman, B. (15th Feb 2016).

The dual nature of electromagnetism [Physics]
Berman, B. (14th Feb 2016).

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