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Most-viewed Articles

1. The sun energy source is not nuclear fusion, but magnetic fields from the center of the Galaxy. The sun converts energy to mass and not mass to energy. (44042 views)
Bar-Zohar, D. (11th Dec 2006).

2. Language: A Definition from First Principles - Three Grand Over the Truckstop (30302 views)
Rice-Johnston, W. (23rd Aug 2008).

3. Music During Exercise: Does Tempo Influence Psychophysical Responses? (24967 views)
Elliott, D. (27th Nov 2007).

4. Discussion of magnetic field saturation phenomenons by interpretation of Maxwell’s second equation (23603 views)
Koch, M. & Wiest, J. (1st May 2007).

5. DFEM-Simulation of a Zero-point-energy Converter with realisable Dimensions and a Power-output in the Kilowatt-range (22657 views)
Turtur, C. (7th Feb 2011).

6. Definite Proof for the Conversion of vacuum-energy into mechanical energy based on the Measurement of Machine Power (20791 views)
Turtur, C. & Knapp, W. (2nd Apr 2009).

7. Colloidal Crystals and superlattices (19662 views)
Ahuja, P. & Sharma, P. (20th Dec 2006).

8. Participation in Unanimous Decision-Making: The New England Monthly Meetings of Friends (18401 views)
Mitchell, E. (29th Aug 2006).

9. Preeclampsia, intra-abdominal pressure and the renal veins. (17598 views)
van Dalfsen, A. (10th May 2011).

10. Using induced earthquakes to prevent large magnitude natural earthquakes (16596 views)
Bar-Zohar, D. (23rd Oct 2007).

11. Fertility Rites and the Married Body: Remembering an ancient past through symbolic imagery (16298 views)
Tysick, C. (6th Feb 2007).

12. Construction guidelines for a ZPE-Converter on the basis of realistic DFEM-Computations (16153 views)
Turtur, C. (3rd Apr 2011).

13. Dangers of Antioxidants in Cancer Patients: A Review (15201 views)
Howes M.D., PhD., R. (7th Feb 2009).

14. Wave particle duality in the seventeenth century (14711 views)
Marshall, T. (29th Oct 2006).

15. Qi Men Dun Jia Analysis of the Nicole Brown Simpson - Ronald Goldman Murders (14308 views)
Sweeney, J. (26th Nov 2006).

Most-viewed Observations

1. Overtaking bicycles in the UK: Cars versus white light-goods vehicles (19143 views)
Walker, I. (15th Jun 2006).

2. What does the term “IT project” actually mean?: a challenge to the IT profession. (12491 views)
Smyrk, J. (15th Mar 2007).

3. Does the ‘heatiness’ of food depend on its water content? (Traditional Chinese Medicine) (9857 views)
Doglas, Y. (31st Dec 2006).

4. The Paradox of the Brain (9831 views)
Doglas, Y. (15th Sep 2006).

5. A New Approximation for Pi (3.141592654) (9403 views)
Doglas, Y. (26th Jul 2006).

6. The Periodic Stack of Elements (8579 views)
Kingstone, R. (23rd Jul 2006).

7. Conversion of vacuum-energy into mechanical energy: First approach to an experimental Verification (8376 views)
Turtur, C. (31st Mar 2008).

8. Introversion/Extroversion as an important factor in Human Civilisation (8352 views)
Doglas, Y. (6th Dec 2006).

9. Project threats and opportunities—a conjecture (8215 views)
Smyrk, J. (18th Nov 2006).

10. Autism mentioned in Sherlock Holmes (8190 views)
Doglas, Y. (16th Oct 2006).

11. Tags Indicate That Open Access Is Flourishing (8180 views)
Till, J. (8th Jan 2007).

12. Why are there 10 dimensions in string theory? (8082 views)
Strayhorn, D. (11th Oct 2006).

13. Human disease cannot be eradicated (7658 views)
Drapeau, M. (16th Jul 2006).

14. A Biological Explanation on the Declining Popularity of Classical Music (7165 views)
Doglas, Y. (28th Jul 2006).

15. Intellectual capital (6712 views)
Strayhorn, D. (11th Oct 2006).

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